Homemade Mickey Ornaments

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Everyone should own at least one genuine Mickey head ornament from the Wonderful World (in my professional Disney opinion of course.) You know the ones.. I'm sure you do,.... & I just happen to be in love with them.

I own plenty myself & as a former magic maker, I'll be the first one to insist you make a trip over to Disney's Days of Christmas Store in Disney Springs to pick out your first one,.. Or maayybbee just your first one for this y[ear]! See what I did there?! #SoPunny
The fairy godmother in me couldn't help putting my own homemade twist on these sweet babies. I used to gift them to my cast every Christmas, & one year I went a little overboard and wound up with so many "extras" that I turned them into personalized gift tags for friends & family gifts. Tie them to a cutesy little ribbon around a package, sharpie a name & voila!! Just the cutest!
Pictures of my homemade darlings will come soon, I promise ... but for right now they happen to be locked up in storage somewhere in the bottom of ONE of eleventy-six (or so) holiday bins. So, in the meantime use your imagination! (& if I do say so myself, they actually look JUST like the official ornaments pictured above.)

This is so easy-peasy! F'reals!

Start out with shatterproof bulbs. Any color, any size, any design.. Whatever you prefer. I have made these with 3-4inch bulbs (this is about the average size), & I've also made giant 10inch wide ones for outdoor hanging. It's totally up to you. They have to be shatterproof though, & plastic. This is key! 
*If you're looking to make the large ones, the best ornaments I found in this size were at The Dollar Tree. Yup. One buck each!
My personal favorite is to use clear, acrylic (plastic shatterproof) ornaments for the head & to fill them with pixie dust, tinsel, or any other fun little shenanigans I can think of. 

Once you determine the main size of the "head" part, you need to choose two smaller ornaments for the ears. This is up to you. You want it to be comparable to the head, not too small but not too large. You will also need to decide if you want the ears to be the same color as the head, or different. I like to use a solid color for the head & attach glittery ears (#GlitterTheShitOutOfEverything)

Once you have your ornaments ready to go, get your hot glue gun nice & toasty. The hotter the better. This is crucial. As far as ear placement goes, you're gonna have to play around with them a little bit to find a setting you like. Make certain that they're even on both sides as well. No one likes a lopsided Mouse. Remove the hooky part on the top of the smaller ornaments, yes this is the official term for that piece. The More You Know. When you pick the spot where the first ear will sit on the "head" ornament, hold the tip of the hot glue gun straight down in that spot. Gradually add small amounts of pressure. The glue gun will start to melt a hole in the ornament. Gahh,... MAGIC!! Keep pushing slowly until the entire tip pushes through. Depending on the size of the top of the mini ornaments you'll be using as ears, you may need to take the tip of the glue gun & slowly run it around the rim of the new hole to widen it. 

Once it's the appropriate size & the top of the small ornament fits fairly snuggly in the hole you just made, spread some glue around the inside rim of the hole. Set the smaller, ear ornament in place & hold until dry. Make sure you measure evenly & do the same thing on the other side for a second ear. 

Attach a fun little ribbon, personalize with a heartfelt message, & thank your inner imaginEAR for coming out to play! VOILA!

See!? No pixie dust required(ish)!

Share your creations & use #YayKae in your posts! Don't forget to tag me on Instagram - @KaeLeighMae!! I can't wait to see!