Tinkerbell Shoes

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Supplies needed:
1. Pixie Dust
2. See #1

I seriously ADORE these shoes & they were beyond easy to make!! I just happened to find a pair of silver, glittered flats at Walmart for $10. They were in the kid's aisle. I know, right! But Walmart sizes apparently work like that. I wear a size 7(ish) in normal, lady shoes.. but I happened to fit into a little girl's size 5 for these flats. And truthfully, I could've gotten a 4. Crazy.

I loved the silver glitter the way it was, but needed a quick easy way to make them green - obviously. So I found a bottle of Extreme Glitter acrylic paint in peridot (Folkart Brand). You can find this at any craft store, or even in some Walmart's now-a-days. They've really been stepping up their craft-aisle-game.

I painted (both dabbed & brushed, but mostly dabbed) a thin layer of the paint over top of the silver shoes. I didn't worry about covering every inch evenly, because when the paint dries it's a very transparent green with glitter. I only wanted to tint the shoes, not get rid of the silver glitter altogether.

At first I was worried because the paint was going on globby. Silver glitter isn't exactly an even surface. I was also worried that the paint would dry blocking some of the silver rather than letting it shine through. When it's wet, it looks a little opaque. Just trust me on this one - it won't be!

But,... after it dried, I couldn't have loved them more! I did a second (kind of ) coat on both shoes and touched up some spots I wanted to make a little more green.

Gahhh!! How cute are these?!?! See, it IS easy being green!

After the paint was dry, I made a circle on the toe with hot glue & pressed the puff balls on. These are 3 inch puffs. Make sure the hot glue forms a decently large circle. You may need to go around the edges of the puff for extra security. If the puff is only glued near the center, it will be flimsy & wobbly or may get knocked off when you walk (ahem.. dance, skip, fly & frolic through Pixie Hollow.)

Seriously, how stinking easy was that?! Voila! Tink shoes!

I ended up making a second pair of Peri shoes in blue too. 

I wore these to California Adventure as a DisneyBound with my matching pixie hairbow. They were a huge hit! I'll be honest with you, they did hurt my feet on the heels (& the little toes.) I'm sure this could be done with another kind of flat shoe too. It really isn't anything a bandaid or two coundn't fix!